User-Centered Design Researcher & Strategist

I bring eighteen years of work experience in Design Thinking, Customer-Centric Product Development, User Research practices for consumer durable goods, manufacturing industries, and information technology services.

Core Competences

Strategic Planning For Business Model

Human-Centered Design Research 

Design Thinking For Innovative Solutions

Customer-Centric Product Development


Usability Testing For Agile Development

Global Market Research & Data Analytics

Foresight Phase

future scenarios for growth and vision, implications of external forces and drivers, opportunity mapping

Exploration Phase

understanding of user's needs and pain-points, synthesize insights about desirability, user stories, and mindsets

Envision Phase

insight-led product ideas and service concepts, business modeling for viability and low fidelity prototypes

 Execution Phase

iterate and implement prototypes with user feedback, data analytics and usability testing with end-users and customers