Ritu Bajaj

Empathetic Designer and Holistic Business Professional | Influencing Business Strategy through Human-Centered Design Thinking and User Experience Research

 Integrated Business Management


  Human-Centered Design Research


 M.B.A + M.Design

As an empathetic designer and holistic business professional, I leverage human-centered design and UX research to create value-add strategies for product innovation and sustainable business growth. I bring world-class expertise in user experience (UX), ethnography, and design research methodologies for user advocacy. I am a certified UX professional by Nielsen and Norman Group, specializing in UX research and management.

With dual master's degrees in Design from Illinois Institute of Technology and an executive MBA from Michigan State University, I apply my diverse knowledge in strategic, analytical, and design thinking methodologies to solve complex business problems. I blend a user-centered design mindset and business acumen to deliver customer-centric business strategies and UX insights across industries: consumer goods, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and information technology services. 

From Design, I offer skills, including human factors, behavioral science, problem-solving, curiosity, creativity, cultural intelligence, quantitative, and qualitative research, usability testing, and experimentation with prototypes.  From Management, I bring knowledge and skills, including strategic leadership,  data-driven decision-making, negotiation, agility, relationship-building, IT, legal business, finance, marketing,  human resources, and supply chain expertise.

curriculum vitae


Process involves envisioning scenarios for target customer, implications of external trends, competitive analysis, customer segmentation, and experiences.


Process involves exploring and understanding of user needs,  pain-points, synthesize insights into personas, user stories, and user experience journey maps.


Process  involves brainstorming ideas and explore alternatives based on user experience insights and service blueprint, building 3D prototypes, and UI wireframes.


Process involves assessing UI  design options and 3D mock-ups with user feedback and usability testing, data analytics, business model and value proposition.