Fixed-Term Instructor at MSU

Currently teaching at the Visiting International Professional Program, Michigan State University where International scholars learn Human-Centered Design Thinking methodology (Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation) to solve a real-world design challenge, apply empathy, user experience methods, build prototypes, unlock their creativity in customer-centric business model, product and service ideas and deliver a pitch to the stakeholders.


UX Master Certification in 2019 

Nielsen and Norman Group, USA.

Executive M.B.A Candidate in 2018

Eli Broad of College of Business, 

Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.

Executive Education Certification in 2010 

The Planning and Design of Public Libraries,

Harvard University Graduate School of Design. 

 Master of Human-Centered Design in 2000

Product Design, Strategic Planning, & User Research,

Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL.

 Diploma in Architecture in 1995

Architecture, Building Engineering, & Interior Design,

TVB School of Habitat Studies, New Delhi, India.

 Methods and Skillsets

 Applied methods, tools, and software for eighteen years at Steelcase Inc. and Microsoft Corporation

Strategic Planning Facilitation

I have applied strategic planning methods such as benchmarking, scenario planning, value-proposition, an ecosystem map, roadmaps, opportunity themes, service blueprint, omnichannel customer experience map, and trends analysis, etc.

Software: Microsoft 360 Excel, PowerPoint, Google Apps 

User Experience (UX) Design Research

I have practiced UX research methods such as personas, empathy maps, dairy journals, user observations, photography, video ethnography, contextual interviews, surveys, card sorting, user journey map, storyboards, stimuli feedback, and crowdsourcing, etc.

Software: Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Qualtrics.

Design Thinking Facilitation

I have practiced Design Thinking process and methods such as context sensing, framing problem statements, exploratory research, synthesize insights, facilitate ideation workshops, visualize concepts, build prototypes of product and service, business modeling, etc.

Software: Microsoft 360 PowerPoint, Word, dscout app


Usability Testing & Measurement Study

I have applied Usability methods such as task analysis, user feedback loops, iterative design testing of UI prototypes, wireframes, user interaction flow maps, pre-post pilots, case studies, contextual interview, and quantitative survey data analysis, etc.

Software: Sketch-Up, AutoCAD, Sketch, Data Analytics