What our customers are saying

Ritu works extremely well in teams where her quiet insights gain her a great deal of respect from the group. Her design project involves responsive, animated electronic displays that move and gesture-based on the information being presented. I think that her work will be seen as highly predictive of the future of design. It is very advanced technologically but balanced with a very warm touch.

Michael McCoy, Senior Lecturer, Institute of Design, IIT

The Recipient of the Smithsonian's First Design Minds National Design Award

What our customers are saying

We have found Ms. Bajaj diligent, hardworking and cooperative. She was involved in the preparation of design development drawings, AutoCAD drawings, and details of the trading hall and public areas for our Bharat Diamond Bourse Project at Mumbai, India.

Sangath, Shri. BalKrishna Vithaldas Doshi, Architect,

The RecipIent of  the 2018 Pritzker Award

What our customers are saying

Ritu is an exceptionally dedicated person, with good design skills, and the ability to translate design intent into buildable structures. During her association with our office, Ritu was involved in various aspects of professional work, including design resolution, detailing, and the preparation of AutoCAD drawings. 

Neeraj Manchanda, Architect, NMA

The recipient of 2011 Winner of IIID National Award